Interactive Music Apps - Cocktail Napkin Notes

The music industry should be excited about Apple’s rumored tablet product called Cocktail. If executed well, this is the type of digital product that could bring significant profitability back to the music industry. Here are a few initial thoughts on this rumored product / format:

Open format. The industry should push for an open format for this product, or at the very least, any other company should be able to inexpensively license the format.

Price control. Hopefully these ‘cocktail’ applications (packages) will enable a variety of interactive capabilities (gaming, messaging, socializing, etc.). If the sky’s the limit (and it should be), creators / developers should be able to set their own prices (like the App Store).

Illegal sharing. Illegal sharing should not be a problem. If I were putting this product into the marketplace, I would make sure that each of these ‘packages’ are capable of capturing and containing the relationship that each fan has with the artist. In other words, the ‘cocktail’ would be highly personalized to the point where illegally sharing all of it (you could actually enable the sharing of certain parts of it) would jeopardize the stored relationship (the goodwill points) that are accumulated via end-user usage activity.

Shameless plug. I have been working on (and financing the patent case) the most efficient methods (power conservation, bandwidth conservation (think wireless), developer efficiency, provisioning, updating, state preservation (for hot swapping between devices), etc.) for creating apps like this since 2001. We are still willing to take on one investor ($100k) to help us continue to push our inventions (120+- claims) through the patent office and ultimately into a sale or product development opportunity. We have a great team, a significant portfolio, and the upside should be significant.