Defining Property from @paulg - a Pro Copyright Perspective

Paul Graham, a Y-Combinator founder, just wrote a tidy anti-copyright essay titled Defining Property.  Unfortunately Paul convolutes the tactics of the RIAA and the MPPA with the practical / impractical debate over copyrights.

For rightsholders I have this to say:  copyrights enable you to scale via minimal increment investments.  Recorded music is an instantiation of your musical works; it's an instantiation of your software and your source code.  As the rightsholder of your source code you should expect respect of your copyright wishes.

To all the Y-Combinator startups:  release all of your source code tomorrow so anyone can freely profit from it.  Or enable anyone to freely embed (stream) your engineering - unencumbered by your terms of service - into any app or site that can freely profit from it.  After all, you can scale by selling t-shirts or by performing live on stage to pirated organ music; with small monkeys, on large tricycles, and whilst wearing little blue hats.