Do you consume lots of information? Here's an RSS tip...

The best way I have uncovered over the last twenty years to consume lots of in-depth information (i.e.: really long blog posts) is to take advantage of the printing capability in FireFox running Google Reader for RSS.

I spend all day in front of the computer, so the last thing I want to do is read posts that scroll down and off the screen. However, most of my favorite bloggers write the longest posts. My solution: in Google Reader (running in FireFox; I have not tested other browsers), when the post is centered in the window (of Google Reader), you can choose print (FireFox File Menu on the Mac) and print the entire post to paper or PDF.

I carry around a large clip of long posts so I can read them anywhere / anytime. This works great for me. It's like having a book that contains chapters that I personally requested. I subscribe to over 150 blogs, so this is my 7/24 way of keeping up with the volume.

I do burn through some paper, but I leave the articles (my form of recycling) all over the place for others to read.