Don't be Clark Kent, you're a Superhero...

From Eric Beall's Music Publishing and Songwriting blog.

"You can not build an independent business on music, performances or artist identities that are passive– to which audiences have no great emotional reaction, either positive or negative. There are thousands of bands that play 200 anonymous dates a year, and have for twenty years. And every night, the audience applauds politely, and immediately forgets about them. The only way the indie model works is when the music and imaging are so dynamic, or at least so perfectly in tune with a very particular audience (”jam bands” being a good example), that they inspire a passionate response. If you’re playing 200 dates a year, but your myspace site has 200 friends and you’re selling 1000 records, you’re not reactive."

From Justin Boland's Audible Hype blog. Interview with Protoman - here's the quote:

"What I’m saying is, reflect your music. That’s what you’re known for. Always keep on your mask. You’re a superhero. Clark Kent was a pussy."