Random Health Hazards You Might Have Missed

Scientific evidence or not, I have listed (below) some random health hazards that I try to avoid. 

Wi-Fi Routers – over the years, I have unwittingly experimented with sitting and/or sleeping close to various Wi-Fi routers.  I’ll say this: if you have digestion or sleep issues, try moving your Wi-Fi router away from your desk and bed.

Mouse Arm – I have been using a mouse since 1984 (I had an original Mac.).  Think about holding one arm up over your desk, with your fingers gently curled around a mouse, for eight+ hours a day over thirty years (80,000 hours).  This creates all sorts of physical imbalances that I am continually working to correct.  

Sloped Floors – Most building structures naturally settle, which causes floors to slope.  If you sit in a chair all day, a sloped floor (a slight fraction of an inch over six feet), can wreak havoc on your spine, hips, and joints.  Get a six-foot level; if you need to place a single penny under the level to balance it, you have a sitting situation that will harm your health.

The Equipment Van – I learned about this hazard while working in the music industry.  If you roll over a vehicle in an accident, you are just as likely to be injured from the things tumbling around inside of your vehicle, as you are from the external damage.  Amplifiers, weights, cans of paint, and other heavy objects are things that can pummel you in accident.  The same thinking should apply to rapid deceleration, as projectiles often decapitate occupants.  

Grid Edge – If you use a cell phone (I do), I have come to believe that it’s probably safer to live well within the grid of cell towers than on the edge of the grid.  When you are on the distant edge of cellular coverage, your phone is grunting to reach the tower; the battery depletes; the phone heats up; and your body is the recipient of enough RF radiation to turn your ears red.  This can’t be healthy?   

Eating Plastic – Nobody eats plastic right?  Wrong!  We are all exposed to bits of plastic jars, plastic storage containers, plastic cutting boards, and plastic bottles.  Plastic is great stuff until you start to scrape it into your food.  Look at the kitchen items you own that are constructed out of plastic.  Are any of the items scraped or scratched?  Do you scrape the last bit of peanut butter out of the jar?  Are you using a plastic cutting board?  Non-stick surfaces?  All of those tiny scrapings end up in your food as tasteless, toxic condiments.

Antiperspirant – You won’t find much on the web that conclusively states that antiperspirants are a health hazard.  After all, the companies that make antiperspirants have all of the money in the world to say otherwise (SEO).  I try not to fight evolution.  Slathering aluminum zirconium under my arms to block sweat…simply seems wrong.  I use deodorant.  Better yet, if you don’t want to smell bad, watch what you eat, and sweat a lot at the gym. 

Aluminum Bats – aluminum baseball bats are dangerous (look it up), but I am talking about a different type of bat.  If you smoke (anything), those faux cigarettes that smokers use (‘one hitters’) are typically made of aluminum.  I think we are exposed to enough aluminum to be smoking it also.

Home Garages – I live in the Northeastern U.S..  During a long winter, exchanging all of the stale air in our home with outside air is a chilly proposition.  Perhaps that’s why most of us don’t do it?  However, it always amazes me when people park their cars in garages that are intimately connected to their tightly sealed homes.  In my way of living, clean air is far more important than a warm car.

Fiber – The food industry puts bulking fiber into everything we eat today.  Search for ‘fiber’ on the web, and you will find nothing but healthy advice.  Before you start eating more fiber than you need, read 'Fiber Menace' to find out how destructive fiber could be.  

Compulsive Gadget Disorder – Every teenager, and a lot of adults I know, have ‘compulsive gadget disorder’ or CDG.  When you have CDG, you can’t put the device down for more than five minutes without feeling disconnected.  From an evolutionary perspective, we are not ready for continuous disruption.  Health, creativity, and focus are found in a quiet mind.  CDG causes productivity loss, anxiety, social ills, and other unforeseen physical health problems.  

Margarine – Unless you live under a rock, you have heard by now that partially hydrogenated oils and trans fats are incredibly bad for you.  Consumer product companies have boasted about removing trans fats from everything from cookies to potato chips.  What you probably didn’t know is that hydrogenated oils are sold in bulk to restaurants, diners, bakers, and to anyone else that needs a cheap oil with a long shelf life.  As an aside, the next time you are served cake from a regional supermarket bakery, try washing the frosting (the grease) off your hands.  

Sitting – I have come to believe that sitting all day is as dangerous as smoking cigarettes.  Sitting is bad for your digestive, cardio vascular, and skeletal systems.  Sitting for 20-30 years (at a job) will permanently screw you up.  Sit when doing essential and meaningful tasks that require you to sit.  Otherwise, don’t waste time in a chair.  

My father always said: “almost anything in moderation won’t kill you”.  I agree.

What do you want to add to this list?