The Space Between

The time-space between the stuff we do is as important as...the stuff we do.

The sum total of the space between our goals and activities is equal to, or greater than, the time-space we consume pursuing goals and activities; how we use this space is often the difference between finding the time and energy to add value to the world…or not.

When we put our minds to the task of making the most of the space between, it’s not all that surprising to learn what we can accomplish during a long commute to the office.  What’s really surprising though, is to learn what we can accomplish as a bag of popcorn expands in the microwave.  Small spaces are the biggest part of our days.  

We can use these spaces between for anything, including rest.

And over a lifetime...wasted space can add up to years.

The most successful, happiest, healthiest and the wisest people I know conquered mountains of goals…rather randomly, but all were strategic users of the space between…