Entrepreneur, Advisor, Inventor, Occasional Investor

I am brucewarila on gmail and twitter.

If calling (+1.978.265.5432), please send me a text first so that I know that you are a human.

I live in Massachusetts with my wife and four children.

When I am not moving my ventures forward (80% of the list below), I advise and occasionally work for founders who are dedicated to launching innovations that will change the world (20% of the list below). 

Atomic Recreation - founder / 2018 - a recreation innovation lab dedicated to creating, testing, and commercializing ideas that will motivate more humans to vigorously exercise. I am currently designing software and facilities that will support Atomic’s mission.

Compt- 2018 -  early stage investor.

SQGO Innovations - founder / 2018 - I collaborate on the writing of patent claims (mobile software) and on the strategy and details involved in patent monetization. I also recruit top-tier developer talent to advise the company on the state of the art [software].

Bella Gaia - 2018 - similar to Cirque Du Soleil or Blue Man Group, but dedicated to immersive ecotainment. I crunched numbers and advised the founder on matters related to planning and funding the construction of the world’s first dedicated fulldome eco theatre (Brooklyn NY).

AlwaysBeMoving.org - founder / 2018 - a website where experienced soccer coaches collaborate to transfer knowledge to new soccer coaches. I created this site to grow the pool of dedicated soccer players. This site will soon become www.soccerflashcards.com. More to come in 2019.

Clean Green Music Machine - advisor / 2017 - a nonprofit dedicated to changing the trajectory of climate change. I created the social impact analysis, the business plan, the executive summary, the donor pitch, the CGMM website, the Turn It Up website, the app strategy, and a crypto token protocol that will support the mission of CGMM. The tech and token I designed for CGMM is being spun out into a for-profit venture.

Fitivity - 2017 - I advised the founder on a business, tech, and a content strategy that led to Fitivity’s first significant round of investment, and a slot in Mucker Capital’s startup accelerator program.

StackChat (messaging) - co-founder / 2016 - designed prototypes, interviewed potential users, tested brand concepts, and analyzed the opportunity for creating a niche chat platform.

3RD (hospitality) - analyzed the investor opportunity for, and the social impact of, a new hospitality brand that launched in 2015. In the process, I created the most widely downloaded free restaurant pro forma in the world. This venture also became one of the most popular restaurants in Boston. 

Spotlight.io (influencer commerce) - founder - recruited developers, interviewed influencers, designed prototypes, raised seed capital, managed software development efforts, and unwound this venture (some things don’t work out).

Emergent Discovery (ad targeting) - designed product prototypes and analyzed the opportunity for targeting banner ads based upon music preferences.

Music Xray - responsible for the song submission business model, the brand name, recruiting the CTO, and for delivering Music Xray’s initial product iteration. MusicXray became the most widely used music submission platform in the world.

Jediah - while working in the music industry, I backed a band. The music was great, but the band crashed and burned. However, Jediah’s legal framework inspired hundreds of record labels and thousands of artists to create interest-aligning 360 deals.

Lancaster Marketplace (family business / alternative retail) - led advertising and marketing efforts to launch the largest indoor-outdoor marketplace in New England. This business was acquired by a local entrepreneur.

Songboost (music promotion tools) - founder - designed a suite of music promotion tools and launched this brand within the music industry. Songboost was acquired by Music Xray.

SQGO (mobile, cross-platform development) - founder - designed a user interface for handheld devices, recruited software developers, and obtained numerous patents.

Yospace (mobile development) - founder - responsible for the brand, initial product management, marketing, and the sales team that established this brand within the wireless industry. Yospace was acquired by Bauer Media Group.

Crawford Group (founder / automotive) - designed information systems, managed the sales team, and coordinated the marketing efforts that made this company an industry leader. This business was acquired by Ford Motor Company.

CGI (big data) - designed proprietary bidding software that leveraged industry-wide supply, demand, and pricing information. This software was acquired by Ford Motor Company.

Smarter Glass (sales lead generator) - led the creation of a free online database that engineers used to compare, analyze, and source LCD displays.

R&B Software (founder / packaged software) - promoted and sold software worldwide, and negotiated software contracts with Fortune 500 companies.

NLJW (commercial and residential real estate acquisition, development, and management) - I acquire property, present to local boards, obtain permits, raise capital, manage construction efforts, and market property.

Blogs I Launched - Blogging is not necessarily an inbound marketing strategy that I would use in 2018. However, here are some of the blogs I launched prior to 2015.  

Music Think Tank (established music industry blog) - responsible for the brand, the launch, contributor recruitment, and for the creation of high-value, industry content. MTT was once the most popular DIY music industry blog in the world.

Display Alliance (established display industry blog) - responsible for the brand, contributor recruitment, and for launching this successful display (LCD) industry blog.

Design My Major (education) - led the effort to establish a new online brand (as a blog) for the interdisciplinary course of study at the University of Massachusetts.

Echo Louder (this blog) - a mix of posts that I write for my children, and for five hundred other subscribers (mostly artists).


Software Design - University of Massachusetts @ Amherst / BDIC


Dedicated father of four.  Avid mogul skier. Health nut.  Soccer coach.