Entrepreneur, Advisor, Inventor, Investor, Coach

I am always interested in talking to founders focused on sports, recreation, climate, machine learning applications, or decentralized protocols.

brucewarila on Gmail, Twitter, and Medium.

I live in Massachusetts.

If calling (+1.978.265.5432), please send me a text first so that I know that you are a human.


Blastoff Sports Ventures - Founder. Youth sports is broken and it’s time to get more kids off the couch. The incentives baked into youth sports are misaligned. The entire ecosystem needs to be reinvented. I am working on innovations that will change the way that youth sports are provisioned. This is an AI/ML play. Please get in touch if you want to discuss.

SQGO Innovations - Founder. I collaborate on the writing of patent claims (mobile software) and on the strategy and details involved in patent monetization. I also recruit top-tier developer talent to advise the company on the state of the art [software].

NLJW, LLC (real estate) – founder – for the last decade, I have managed a portfolio of real estate holdings; this involves analysis, financing, design, permitting, and construction management.


Clean Green Music Machine (non-profit) – advisor & multi-hat entrepreneur – designed CGMM’s eco-challenges app and token protocol whereby children earned crowd-funded eco tokens redeemable upon donation to schools and orgs. I also created CGMM’s social impact proforma and their websites [link link].

StackChat (messaging) - Cofounder - designed prototypes, interviewed potential users, tested brand concepts, and analyzed the opportunity for creating a niche chat platform. See screenshots of my designs.

3RD (hospitality) - Analyst - analyzed the investor opportunity for, and the social impact of, a new hospitality brand that launched in 2015. In the process, I created the most widely downloaded free restaurant pro forma in the world. This venture became one of the most popular restaurants in Boston.

Spotlight.io (influencer commerce) - Founder - recruited developers, interviewed influencers, designed prototypes, raised seed capital, managed software development efforts, and unwound this venture (some things don’t work out).

Emergent Discovery (ad targeting) - Product Manager - designed product prototypes and analyzed the opportunity for targeting banner ads based upon music preferences.

Music Xray - Product Manager - responsible for the song submission business model, the brand name, recruiting the CTO, and for delivering Music Xray’s initial product iteration. MusicXray became the most widely used music submission platform in the world. Unfortunately, this site has not been updated in years.

Songboost (music promotion tools) - Founder - designed a suite of music promotion tools and launched this brand within the music industry. Songboost was acquired by Music Xray.

SQGO (mobile, cross-platform development) - Cofounder - designed a user interface for handheld devices, recruited software developers, and obtained numerous patents.

Yospace (mobile development) - Cofounder - responsible for the brand, initial product management, marketing, and the sales team that established this brand within the wireless industry. Yospace has been acquired several times.

Crawford Group (automotive) - Founder - designed information systems, managed the sales team, and coordinated the marketing efforts that made this company an industry leader. This business was acquired by Ford Motor Company.

CGI (big data) - Founder - designed proprietary bidding software that leveraged industry-wide supply, demand, and pricing information. This software was acquired by Ford Motor Company.


Education: Software Design - University of Massachusetts @ Amherst / BDIC

Keywords: technologist, planning, strategy, branding, design, management, intellectual property, project management, marketing, and creative communication.

I have spent fifty percent of my career working with blue-collar professionals. I excel at translating deep technical and complex concepts to segments that are often misunderstood by others.

My startup skills include above-average design capabilities, as well as the ability to consistently imagineer highly-unique / out-of-the-box differentiation and success strategies.

Dedicated husband and father of four. Soccer coach. Avid reader [long-form]. Cross-Training enthusiast. Writer-in-training. Lifelong learner.